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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Make-You-Want-to-Cry-for-Your-Mommie Diversity Training

The Star Tribune has a story about the mayoral debate. A cop refused to shake hands with a passer-by, claiming a cold. The man at the debate said that it was because he was with his male partner. Here are the responses by the candidates:

Hakeem, who gasped audibly and visibly over the story, said she favored "severe,
make-you-want-to-cry for-your-mommy" diversity training, especially when it
comes to the transgender community.
Nolan said, "They won't shake hands
because they always have their hand on their weapon. They're ready to shoot to
Rybak called the story "appalling" and said he had worked to
"diversify" and "reform" the department.
Harcus said, "accountability is my
bottom line."
McLaughlin said he wants greater diversity in the department
and zero tolerance for bad cops.
Koscielski said, "What the cop should have
told you is, 'Sir, because of my personal safety, I don't want to give up my gun
hand.' You never want to give up your gun hand."

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