Bias CLE 599 to 1
Saturday, May 01, 2004

King Banaian at SCSU Scholars plans to live-blog during his mandatory diversity training up at St. Cloud State. This seems to up the ante a bit on these classes. Remember the case of the corrections workers who silently read their bibles during diversity training? Live-blogging is the next logical step. What are they going to do, throw him out of the class? Oh no, not that! Don't throw me into that briar patch!

Our friends at Powerline have a post on the case of Gerald Amirault. In reading the post about child care sex abuse case hysteria in the 1980s, I immediately thought of this case in Scott County, Minnesota from 1984. Recall that the Scott County attorney at the time stated that she was "sick to death of things like the presumption of innocence." (Star Trib. 9/6/87)

People opposed to the Elimination of Bias legal education requirement are wrongly portrayed as naive Pollyannas who think the justice system is perfect. The Amirault case (and others like it) demonstrate that there are imperfections in the legal system that do not fit neatly into protected classes or victim groups. Unless day care workers who dress up as clowns are a protected class, this case would not meet the ideological litmus test for the Elimination of Bias requirement. Implicit and explicit viewpoint discrimination creates an ideological imbalance of courses offered: 599 liberal, one conservative, and no apolitical courses.

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